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Driving to a new era of autonomous buildings

Johnson Controls is a world leader in smart buildings, creating safe, healthy and sustainable spaces.

For nearly 140 years, we’ve made buildings better and now we’re transforming them again with our award-winning digital technologies and services. We’re using artificial intelligence and data driven solutions to give you deeper insight into your building’s health, sustainability and performance. It’s changing the way we design, operate and maintain indoor environments and driving to a new era of autonomous buildings.

We deliver the blueprint of the future for industries such as healthcare, schools, data centers, airports, stadiums, hotels, manufacturing and beyond through OpenBlue, our comprehensive suite of connected solutions.

Johnson Controls offers the world’s largest portfolio of building technology, software and services. Supported by a team of more than 100,000 dedicated employees working across 150 countries, we’re helping customers achieve their sustainability goals and power their mission.

Transforming the spaces where life happens

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Creating buildings that think and respond

By using smart solutions, like secure, machine learning driven technology, spaces are optimized to become healthier, more comfortable places to live, play and innovate.

Seamless integration of information and operational technologies, responding to the flow of people and data – this is how buildings come alive.

Discover how we build smart, intuitive spaces.

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Nurturing wellness with healthy buildings

A healthy building is one in which people thrive. A place that’s safe, comfortable and sustainable, so you can focus on reaching new heights in your industry.

By using technology that responds to the changing needs of people and the environment, your buildings become spaces that unlock the full potential of people, resources and investments.

Find out how buildings become living, breathing, productive places.

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Accelerating the journey to net zero

Buildings account for almost 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve net zero, you need a partner with deep expertise in sustainable building solutions to empower you to reduce energy consumption and optimize building performance.

Learn how spaces are being transformed for the future.

Our Values

Integrity First
We promise honesty and transparency. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honor the commitments we make.
Purpose Led
We believe in doing well by doing good and hold ourselves accountable to make the world a better place through the solutions we provide, our engagement in society, the way we do business, and our commitment to protect people and the environment.
Customer Driven
We win when our customers win. Our long-term strategic relationships provide unique insights and the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences and solutions.
Future Focused
Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement drives us to solve today’s challenges while constantly asking what’s next.
One Team
We are one team, dedicated to working collaboratively to create the purposeful solutions that propel the world forward.
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More Than 2000 Worldwide Locations

At Johnson Controls, we transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play. From optimizing building performance to improving safety and enhancing comfort, we drive the outcomes that matter most.

Advancing smart, healthy & sustainable buildings

To achieve success, you need the right environment.

We’re on a digital journey powered by the innovation in our DNA to transform the spaces where people live, work, learn and play. We advance smart, healthy and sustainable buildings where your team can thrive.

Discover the vision behind our innovation.

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Our Purpose

Our passion is to build smarter, healthier and more sustainable tomorrows – for our customers, our communities and our planet.

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Meet our Open Globe

Our story begins with a globe, a symbol reflecting our passion to build smart, healthy and sustainable tomorrows, powered by our worldwide presence and deep expertise.

Our Open Globe is us. Get to know us better.

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We know that effective and inspiring leadership is required to help our employees create quality products, services and solutions that meet the expectations of our customers. Our management team and directors cultivate the company’s success with their leadership expertise, skills and experience.

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George R. Oliver, CEO of Johnson Controls
Warren Seymour Johnson, founder of Johnson Controls


In 1885, long before anyone talked about carbon footprints or climate change, Warren Johnson launched a company to explore new ways to harness and conserve precious energy resources.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Johnson Controls is committed to creating a culture that values uniqueness, celebrates creativity and drives innovation.

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Johnson Controls corporate campus in Glendale, Wisconsin

Ethics and Compliance

Throughout our history, Johnson Controls has conducted business with integrity. Our dedication to “do the right thing” improves our long-term business performance, reputation, productivity and employee retention.

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