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An investment in public or affordable housing is an investment in the families that are taking the first steps towards self-reliance. Johnson Controls provides the building systems, equipment, and financial know-how to create and maintain quality living environments. And our resident job training programs provide hope for the future.

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How to transfer risk while improving infrastructure

The public housing sector simultaneously faces numerous risk management challenges and unprecedented opportunities. This article addresses how you can implement affordable sustainability strategies, and how Johnson Controls can provide solutions to improve your infrastructure.

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Housing Solutions for Better Living

When people live in a safe, comfortable, and affordable environment, they thrive. Investing in public housing and affordable properties provides improvements that save energy and reduce costs. Just as important, it gives residents a secure and comfortable living environment where they can succeed.

Johnson Controls can provide the technology and expert assistance to help housing operators in many ways.

  • Reduce utility bills
  • Decrease operational and maintenance costs
  • Improve environmental stewardship
  • Provide a clear view of what’s happening in housing units so problems can be addressed
  • Ensure housing developments are running at peak performance

We believe every public housing project is a people project. We want to do our part to help residents strive for a brighter future. Johnson Controls has years of experience developing educational and job-training programs that will help guide residents to self-sufficiency.

Strategic Funding Solutions

We make it easy to invest in housing developments and the people that live in them.

Johnson Controls grant services and our team of financial experts can help navigate through tax-exempt lease purchase options and secure the best financing for projects—along with available grants, rebates, and incentives.

We have experience with Qualified Energy Bonds and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development programs, including HUD’s Energy Performance Contracting Program. This innovative approach allows housing authorities to lower energy and operating costs without upfront capital expenditures.

Count on us to help determine which financial solution works best for any location, based on the project’s unique characteristics.

It’s all based on experience with public housing organizations across the North.

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Looking to finance your project? We have a solution for you.

We’ll help you acquire the latest equipment and solutions with a financing option to fit your situation.

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