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Johnson Controls offers the largest portfolio of HVAC equipment and controls in the world. We create more comfortable, healthy, and sustainable building environments by providing our customers with proactive solutions that integrate today’s innovation and technology for heating and air conditioning systems.

Our industry-leading systems deliver energy and operational savings as well as sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the planet.


HVAC Solutions

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Total Climate Control

From heating to cooling, air handling to controls, our HVAC solutions can provide measurably clean air. We provide end-to-end indoor climate control systems that create comfortable and manageable environments for a building’s occupants and stored goods. 

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Predictive and Diagnostic Services

We can begin managing seismic-related problems before they even happen. Rather than reacting to damage caused by issues such as excessive noise and machine vibration, we have solutions that can detect structure-related issues before the damage occurs. By implanting the right equipment and controls for your business, you will increase the productivity, safety, quality, and comfort of your entire operation. 

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Planned and Preventative Maintenance

We offer a variety of customized planned maintenance programs and strategies for HVAC systems. Our tailored solutions deliver smooth, uninterrupted operations that reduce overhead costs, prevent unexpected downtime, and increase efficiency. Our factory-trained and specialized technicians offer scheduled maintenance services to create safer, more productive environments for your building’s occupants. 

Building System and HVAC Repairs

When an issue occurs, our experienced, safety-minded technicians will arrive promptly to get your facilities back online and running optimally. 

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Remote Building Management

The Johnson Controls Remote Operations Center provides a dedicated team of certified building management professionals who monitor building operations, including HVAC systems. With 24/7 surveillance, any facility issues that may arise can be managed before they impact any occupants or operations. Our highly skilled operators assure correct prioritization and alarm response, manage insurance compliance, and keep records of activity. 

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Sustainability and Decarbonization Solutions

The race to decarbonization is underway, and Johnson Controls is in the lead. By investing in our HVAC systems and solutions, your company can join the race and help create a more sustainable operation while also reducing your carbon footprint. Cleaner air means healthier people. Healthier people mean more productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

We’re Doing More with Less

We’ll help you make the most of available resources. If labor is sparse, our advanced technology can fill that void through smart system monitoring and analytics. Our smarter machines allow us to use data to solve challenges presented by both new and retrofitted construction in buildings across industries like education, health care, manufacturing, and retail.

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2024 Sustainable Events

Johnson Controls is committed to creating a more sustainable future through its transition to sustainable and efficient refrigerants as well as other products and services that support decarbonization efforts, cleaner air, renewable energy, and much more. Learn more about how to integrate sustainable operations into your business at various events across the country and the world.


HVAC Products

Johnson Controls has the world’s largest portfolio of HVAC products and the global knowledge needed to support them. We have access to a vast range of case studies and applications, making us a game-changing partner for your unique HVAC needs. 

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What Types of Products Are You Looking For?

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Metasys and Verasys

We have two specialized systems that help monitor and measure buildings: Metasys® software functions as a complete family of systems and servers designed to work together as one cohesive unit that helps your building energy management efforts. Verasys™ is the first plug-and-play control system that integrates heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) equipment and controls.

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HVAC Services

We provide a multi-pronged approach to HVAC services that includes parts, installments, repairs, and maintenance. Our team of experts looks below the surface to help ensure your business is operating at its full potential and prevent any further complications. 

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Which Service Are You Looking For?

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HVAC Repairs

Our HVAC repair experts can help reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime through customized support based on your specific needs. 

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HVAC Diagnostics

Protect critical assets by anticipating maintenance with data-driven timing that offers proactive insights into your equipment’s performance and minimizes unexpected downtime. 

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HVAC Maintenance

Johnson Controls provides expert knowledge and design, as well as ongoing maintenance and service so your systems work as intended. Skilled technicians manage assets, monitor equipment, and respond to service requests. 

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HVAC Accessories and Parts

Johnson Controls builds its parts and equipment to last, but sometimes scheduled or unpredictable maintenance may be required. We are here to help. 

Industry-specific Solutions From Johnson Controls

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