Creating Safe and Sustainable Learning Environments

Building Learning Environments That Are Safe, Comfortable, and Secure

Today’s students expect to learn and live in safe, healthy, comfortable, and sustainable environments.

On campuses across the country, administrators face a seemingly overwhelming challenge: How to optimize campus environments, lower energy consumption, decrease operational costs, and reduce environmental impact, while at the same time attracting students and recruiting faculty?

Johnson Controls, a leading provider of higher-education solutions, helps colleges and universities achieve these diverse goals by creating comfortable, quality learning environments that operate more intelligently and efficiently.

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How to transfer risk while improving infrastructure

Risk management means creating a smart, healthy, sustainable campus; one that maximizes energy efficiency, attracts students and helps retain staff. This article discusses how Johnson Controls can help you reach your sustainability commitments and improve campus life.

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Students Require Smart Learning and Living Environments

Research shows factors such as indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting, and noise play important roles in a student’s ability to focus. When campuses are connected, integrated, and comfortable, students are more likely to carry a positive outlook, perform well, and stay in school.

Our founder, Professor Warren Johnson, invented the technology that helps keep classrooms comfortable. Today, Johnson Controls helps create and efficiently maintain quality learning environments that enhance student performance and engagement. Smart building and HVAC solutions make sure classroom temperatures and fresh air flow are optimized to help students and faculty concentrate. The right lighting delivers the level and quality of light essential for achievement. And, our connected technology solutions enable greater collaboration between students and faculty.

Operational and Energy Efficiencies Drive Savings

The need to reduce energy use and improve operational efficiency is more important than ever. Johnson Controls helps colleges and universities drive savings by integrating systems within buildings and across campuses to create a “smart” facilities infrastructure.

When buildings, IT, communications, security, fire, and classroom learning systems are connected and share real-time information, you can achieve efficiencies that would otherwise not be possible.

HVAC systems can automatically adjust based on daily schedules, reducing energy use and easing the strain on aging infrastructures. Integrated LED lighting fixtures further reduce energy use through occupancy sensing and daylight-harvesting controls. And from a single, central location, facilities teams can monitor and control all these systems simultaneously, allowing for the most efficient use of resources at a time when capital budgets are limited.

Technology and Real-time Analytics Combine for Increased Safety

Colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to address security risk. Johnson Controls brings together technology and analytics to deliver an unprecedented real-time view of your risk profile so your teams can take proactive steps to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

Our dedicated education specialists start by helping you make the most of foundational elements you may already have in place, such as access control and video surveillance. Then, we add advanced solutions like mass communication, visitor management, or gunshot detection, tailored to the needs of your campus.

Through a shared technology infrastructure, data generated by all of your security systems merges with external data, such as social media and weather, to deliver an informed view of your risk profile to speed proactive situational management.

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Feature Story Fire Detection Education
Education Security Resource Center

We Help Make Campuses Safe and Foster Peace of Mind for Students and Staff

Safeguard your institution with best-in-class fire detection, monitoring, environment protection, and mass alert notification systems, designed to meet your campus’s specialized challenges.

Johnson Controls handles it all, from initial layout, installation, testing, and compliance to continued maintenance, service, and support. Our premier building systems integrator and single-source provider help your systems work together for optimal protection while simplifying your administration of campus fire and life safety.

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Feature Story Fire Detection Education
Addressable Appliance Self-testing for Education

Sustainable Education Can Lead to Green Jobs In the Future

Johnson Controls believes in educating and inspiring students to do their part in building a better, brighter future. Our student engagement programs focus on building awareness and educating students about the importance and impact of their behavior on energy efficiency and conservation.

We also collaborate with technical colleges and higher education institutions to develop curriculum or degree programs in energy efficiency or sustainability. Students become more environmentally conscious, and they’re well positioned for internships and green jobs in the future.

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Appearances count

Sixty-five percent of first-year students choose a college based on the campus appearance and its perceived maintenance.

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Case Study: Southwestern Oregon Community College

Johnson Controls partnered with Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) to deliver $11M of infrastructure upgrades, including the installation of solar technology to help the college reach their sustainability goals. Take a look at how the upgrades are expected to reduce utility spending by at least 35% and deliver over $17M in energy savings over the project lifespan, creating a healthy, sustainable campus.

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The Weston Library, a key research facility at the University of Oxford (U.K.), houses a collection of around eight million books, including two Shakespearean first folios, 10,000 medieval manuscripts, and many other rare books, archives, music, and maps. A major facility refurbishment necessitated upgraded systems for security and fire protection to safeguard these treasures.

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